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Jun 11, 2007 at 06:45 PM
The membership of the OpenInterface Association is open for all natural persons as well as legal entities and organisations / associations / societies validly incorporated and existing under either public or private law. The members of OI and their Permanent Representatives can have any nationality.
The request shall be submitted either electronically, i.e. through the OpenInterface Association’s website (http://www.openinterface.org) or by e-mail, or in writing, i.e. by fax or by mail.
The Board of Directors decides at its proper discretion and without any further motivation being required whether a candidate is accepted as Acceded Member or not. In case the OpenInterface Association has not, through whatever communication channel, acknowledged the candidate within thirty (30) working days following his/her/its electronic or written accession request, to either accept or reject the candidature of the latter, the candidate is regarded to be silently accepted as an Acceded Member.
Acceded Members only have the rights and duties provided for in the NPA&F-law , the underlying Articles of Incorporation, internal regulations and guidelines of the OpenInterface Association and the accession agreements concluded with them. More in general, they are obliged not to harm or prejudice the interests of the OpenInterface Association.
The Full Members may invite an Acceded Member or Director to become a Full Member, pursuant to a special resolution of the Full Members General Meeting, at the occasion of which the majority of the Full Members is present or represented and whereby the resolution to invite the Acceded Member or Director is adopted with a majority of votes of at least two third (2/3) of the Full Members present or represented. The invited Acceded Member or Director becomes a Full Member upon acceptance of the invitation.
Full Members have all rights and obligations contained in the NPA&F-law1, the underlying Articles of Incorporation and the internal regulations and guidelines of the OpenInterface Association.
The membership of the Full Members appears from the members' register which is kept at the registered office of the OpenInterface Association. The Board of Directors is charged with the inscription, the updating and the modification of the members' register following the possible resignation or expulsion of Full Members.
Neither the Full Members nor the Acceded Members have any claim whatsoever to the assets of the OpenInterface Association on the basis of his/her/its capacity of Member of the OpenInterface Association. This applies at any time: during the actual membership, upon termination of the membership for whatever reason, at the occasion of the winding-up of the Association, etc.
None of the members of the OpenInterface Association shall be individually and/or jointly liable for debts, obligations and other commitments incurred by the Association. The members’ liability is strictly limited to their contributions to the Association’s capital and their membership fees. Only the Association’s capital shall answer for all sorts of commitments incurred by the OpenInterface Association.
The yearly membership fee for 2007:
Natural person: 150 Euro
Institution 750 Euro
Both type of membership includes a yearly subscription to the Journal on Multimodal Interfaces (4 issues).


To download the membership application form, please click here !

To download the statute of the association, please click here !

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