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Apr 16, 2007 at 04:05 PM

For the fulfilment of its objectives, OI can implement all acts directly or indirectly relating to its purposes. Specifically, but not exclusively OI intends to implement the following means of action:

  • In general, the implementation of all legal means necessary for the fulfilment of the Association’s objectives as described in the present Article 3.. The organization of international seminaries and academic conferences ensuring the promotion of multimodal interfaces in Europe and in the world.
  • The development of new thematic research agenda relating to multimodal interfaces.
  • The development of a web site and a set of databases specialized in all matters in relation to multimodal interfaces.
  • Participation in scientific and organisational committees of national and international conferences, symposia, meetings, exhibitions and other events in fields relevant for OI.
  • The development of a policy of communication and information.
  • Participation to research programs.
  • Collaboration with external partners.
  • Development of services to the benefit of its members and partners interested by the purposes pursued.
  • Development of educational programs.
  • Creation, maintenance and dissemination of the OpenInterface concept, an open source software platform for multimodal interfaces.
  • Creation, maintenance and dissemination of reference datasets related to multimodal interfaces.
  • Publishing of a European journal, books and special issues about European and Worldwide Multimodal Interaction Research.

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