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It creates the link between the associated websites of the OpenInterface Platform, the OpenInterface Foundation, the OpenInterface Forge, the OpenInterface STREP. The objective of OpenInterface is to provide an open-source platform for developing interfaces that communicate intelligently through several modalities. OpenInterface focuses on human-human and human-machine natural interaction and the physical or virtual interaction environment.

Click the OpenInterface Platform to be explained about the OpenInterface concept, the logical structure of the platform, the documentation and tutorials, the installation guide as well as demonstration videos.
Click the OpenInterface Foundation site to find the information related to the activities, the benefits, and the eligibility criteria for this international non-profit foundation membership. The foundation aims to promote European research in human-machine interaction and increase its integration between the academic and industrial domains; and to facilitate access to new interface technologies. The foundation is committed to the creation and maintenance of an open source platform for supporting research and development of solutions to problems of human-machine interaction.
Click the OpenInterface Forge site and you will be welcomed to find all software developments related to the Platform. All individual developments are organized into small projects and the site provides online tools for easy development (i.e. forum, svn access and version control, easy navigation, etc.)
Click the OpenInterface Strep site to see the official site of the project. It holds all public deliverables, related reports, specific tutorials and information about the partners as well as about related projects.

The platform tools are aimed at designing, implementing and testing natural and easy-to-use multimodal interfaces that:

  • handle a rich and extensible set of modalities,
  • enable quick replication,
  • enable a focus on innovation (new modalities or forms of multimodality),
  • support dynamic selection and combination of modalities to fit the ongoing context ofuse,
  • enable iterative user-centered design.

The idea of the open-source reusable OpenInterface platform seeks for efficient cooperation of consumers from both industry and academia.


eNTERFACE workshops

Genova, Italy
July 13 - August 7, 2009

The OpenInterface Association is happy to announce the Call for Participation for the annual International Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces - eNTERFACE'09.
The eNTERFACE'09 workshop is being organized by Casa Paganini - InfoMus Lab, Department of Communication, Computer, and System Sciences (DIST) of University of Genova, Italy. The following themes will be studied and developed during the four-week long workshop: Multimodal signal analysis and synthesis; Signal-level and meaning-level data fusion; Intuitive interfaces and personalized systems in real and virtual environments; User, context and semantics-aware self-learning and adapting systems; Multimodal conversational systems; Usability; Innovative modalities and modalities conversion; Multimodality for plasticity; Multimodality for biometrics and security; Edutainment and learning assistance; Medical applications; Embodied agents; Performing arts applications; Multimodal interfaces for mobile devices; Multimodal interfaces for embodied social experience of multimedia content; Affective Multimodal Interfaces for Digital Art and Entertainment; Multimodal Semantic Fusion; Open-Source Framework for Rapid Prototyping of Multimodal Interactive Applications. Participants consist of academicians, researchers, doctoral and graduate students.

Conferences and special sessions

The First International Conference on Advances in Multimedia (MMEDIA 2009)
Colmar, France
July 20-25, 2009

- Fundamentals in multimedia
- Multimedia content and modeling
- Multimedia content-based retrieval and analysis
- Perception and cognition for multimedia users
- Multimedia ontology
- Mobile and ubiquitous multimedia
- Multimedia services
- Multimedia applications
- Multimedia security and content protection
- Multimedia control and management

Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces


The Springer Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces (JMUI) has launched a Call for papers for the Special issue devoted to the Summer Workshop on multimodal interfaces eNTERFACE'08 results. Deadline for papers submission is December 1, 2008.
For complete paper submission guidelines please visit: http://www.springer.com/journal/12193

IT Community News

Open Source Virtual Reality Spreads Out

A group of researchers is using a wireless open source virtual world to teach language learning to students, including allowing them to practice. "Dubbed ‘Realtown’, the newly-developed wireless environment incorporates a virtual supermarket, schools, pharmacy and bank, as well as background sounds that may be enabled to increase the environment’s realism," says the story. Realtown is actually just one of many applications of the open source framework DIVE though, which stands for Distributed Interactive Virtual Environments. Here's what it's all about and a look at some other open source virtual reality efforts.


Call for papers: Journal Special Issue on Control and Intelligent Systems in Humanitarian Technologies

Deadline for submission: July 30, 2008 More details...