See "What is OI" for a brief history and "Platform" for an overview of OpenInterface

OpenInterface Workbench Features

In order to better support the realization of multimodal input interactions OpenInterface provides the following features for bridging the gap between the design and implementation process of multimodal interactions:


Supported Devices and Protocols

OpenInterface Platform integrates a wide range of input/output interaction devices, communication and signal processing libraries including (and not limited to):

Design Features

  • Exploratory design of multimodal/post-WIMP input interactions
  • Multimodal input layer that handles a rich and extensible set of modalities
  • Enables quick replication
  • Enables a focus on innovation (new modalities or forms of multimodality)
  • Dynamic selection and combination of modalities to fit the ongoing context of use (pipe and filter architectural style)
  • Enables iterative user-centered design
  • Ergonomic properties of fusion and fission

Implementation Features

  • Reusable multimodal input layer
  • Component-based architecture
  • Heterogeneous native components (C/CC++, Java, MATLAB, C#,Python)
  • Easy integration of components
  • Easy composition of components through dataflow programming (pipe and filter)
  • Eclipse-based multimodal application design&development environment
  • Fast composition of off-the-shelf components for developing new mulitmodal applications
  • Cross-platform support (Linux & Windows)