Related Projects

Projects that are contributing to the development of the OpenInterface Platform

If you would like to contribute please visit the online repository or send a mail to to request further assistance.

Similar logo The objective of the SIMILAR project is to develop natural and adaptive multimodal interfaces that respond intelligently to speech and language, vision, gesture, haptics and other senses.
OpenInterface Project promises:
  1. to ground the development of multimodal interactive systems in a scientific understanding of multimodal interaction. In our case this will be achieved through reusable software components in the platform that are directly defined from theoretical results on multimodality;
  2. to provide a tool for implementing a truly iterative user-centred design process; and
  3. to turn the results into industrial standards by way of the platform.
IRMA logo IRMA project aims at designing and developing a modular, customized, efficient, protected and economically viable interface for multimodal searching and browsing in indexed audiovisual databases. It will allow a contextual, intuitive and natural searching completed by a fluid browsing. IRMA will thus provide an environment allowing to nest the user intelligency inside the search engine.