What is OI

OpenInterface Workbench Overview

The main goal of OpenInterface is to better support the realization of multimodal input interactions by providing tools for bridging the gap between the design and implementation process of multimodal interactions. It does so by connecting results from two research communities:

The Signal Processing community who may provide:

  • Algorithms for multimodal data fusion
  • Algorithms and fusion mechanisms as being building blocks for defining interaction modalities: for instance eye-gaze trackers, speech recognition, etc...

The Human Computer Interaction community who may contribute with

  • Interaction techniques and modalities
  • Theoretical framework for multimodal interaction design. e.g. fusion, fission, etc

OpenInterface tools come as a complete Workbench supporting the design and effective implementation of interactive multimodal applications based on off-the-shelf heterogeneous components. (Reference Paper)

OpenInterface Platform is developed at UCL/TELE by Jean-Yves Lionel Lawson. He started the work on the platform within the SIMILAR Network of Excellence as an open source runtime platform that allows fast integration, reuse and combination of heterogeneous software components dedicated to multimodal interaction and multimodal data fusion. Ever since, the platform has been continued and improved within several Belgian and European projects including IRMA, OI-Project Strep , VIGILE, and 3D-MEDIA. It is also being used by several research groups for prototyping and evaluation purposes.