OpenInterface Platform Tools

OpenInterface Platform Workbench

The OpenInterface Workbench is the result of the integration of runtime and design tools for supporting the effective implementation of multimodal applications design.

OpenInterface Runtime Platform

The runtime platform is composed of a set of software tools aggregated in the following groups:

  • OpenInterface Kernel: is the core of the platform. It is a light-weight middleware that will set up the pipelines of components, i.e., given a pipeline description, it will initialize the components and establish the communication path between them. It unifies components implemented in various technologies (C/C++, Java, Matlab, C#, Python) and follows a dataflow pipe-and-filter architectural style in order to support esay reconfiguration. For detailed information about the platform, specification, documentation please proceed to this page.
  • OpenInterface Component Builder: provides a tool that let you easily generate and package component to be used by the kernel. This tool was moved to SKEMMI, the design Platform.
  • OpenInterface Collaborative Development Repository: provides a tool for centralizing all the effort aimed at centralizing the concurrent development of OpenInterface related softwares. Components (interaction devices, modalities), plugins, editors.

SKEMMI: The Eclipse-based Design Platform

  • SKEMMI: is the dedicated graphical front-end to the platform. It's a collection of eclipse plugins interfacing all the tools and features of the platform. The design environment supports a dataflow visual programming style and allows to compose post-WIMP/Multimodal input interaction techniques. More details here and the project page here.


Third-party Tools

Other valuable tools are also been developed by third-parties to better support the design of multimodal application. See OpenInterface Framework for details