OpenInterface Workbench

OpenInterface features (components, pipelines, connectors, dynamic composition) and tools (repository, component builder), have been embedded within a central Eclipse-based graphical user interface, SKEMMI. The aggregation of SKEMMI+OIKernel+OIForge is called OpenInterface Workbench

Download and Install SKEMMI+OIKernel from here.


The workbench leverages the features of Eclipse and OIKernel in order to provide a full design & development platform for exploratory design of multimodal/post-WIMP input interaction techniques. It provides:

Component design, implementation and deployment

Component can be graphically designed from the editor and corresponding source code can be generated. OpenInterface packages can also be generated and deployed directly from the editor.

Component debug and evaluation

Thanks to the integrated debugging tools, components output can be visualized at runtime for debugging purpose.

Dynamic OpenInterface Pipeline composition

Pipeline can be composed and modified dynamically (at runtime) within the editor. This allows on the fly evaluation and exploration of various input interaction techniques through runtime reconfiguration.

OpenInterface Repository Integration

The OpenInterfaceForge can be accessed from the editor for downloading and installing components. The repository holds many input devices, application, signal processing algorithms (pattern recognitions, bayesian networks, hidden markov model, etc).